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Social media 


With so many people now using social media regularly, you know where your audience is. But getting noticed in such a wild storm of content and competing businesses seems almost impossible.


The good news is, you don’t need to spend big to achieve big results with organic social media. You only need to show up and stand out to the right people.

But best of all I can make this happen.


My social media management kits are far more than creating and scheduling posts.


I work with you to build social accounts that inspire, educate, and ultimately grow your community organically – transforming likes into loyal customers. 


The result?


A conscious social media presence that amplifies your engagement and strengthens your business. All while you focus on getting on with the business you love.

Design bothy


All kits


Post management

  • Scheduled posts via Metricool

  • Creating an appealing and professional social media aesthetic

  • Strategy and community building

Content creation

  • TikTok/Instagram Reels video creation and editing

  • 5x Instagram story highlight covers

  • Expert graphic design on brand, unique to your business

  • Captivating caption copywriting.

  • Strategic hashtag sets for optimal discoverability.

  • Quarterly 60-minute meeting to discuss ideas around social campaigns, run through digital report & and discuss action items.

 Insights and Analysis

  • Identifying key trends and hooks for content relevant to your industry

  • Mini social media audit

  • Hashtag research and implementation

  • Identifying key dates relevant to your business and industry

  • Monthly report

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Social Media Management 


Experience a stress-free social media journey with my two tailored kits designed to navigate the social media storm.  They're crafted to grow your community and attract more clients, grounded in the knowledge that posting at least 5 times a week is the key to success on Instagram.

Need something unique? Book a call, and we can customise a solution for your tourism business. 


💡 Monthly Deliverables:

(Instagram and one other platform)

8x Trending Audio Reels

4x Image Posts

2x Reels

2x Carousel Posts

8x Stories

240 minutes of community building and engagement



Initial minimum term 3 months. 30 days notice of cancellation required.




💡 Monthly Deliverables:

(Instagram and two other platform)

12x Trending Audio Reels

8x Image Posts

2x Reels

6x Carousel Posts

12x Stories

240 minutes of community building and engagement


Initial minimum term 3 months. 30 days notice of cancellation required.





Why work with us 

Your business
is like no 



When it comes to social media, every business needs something a little different.


So why trust your small business’s social media presence to a large mainland agency that doesn’t understand our distinctive Tasmanian market or purley focous on the tourism industry?


If you’d rather work with a local marketer who won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, you’re in the right place.


My social bothy is here to shelter you from the digital storm.


And with my fully-customised social media management kits, I can help your business attract more of YOUR ideal customers and up those reservation rates.

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