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Social Media Manager, Social Bothy

Sheltering tourism
businesses from the

digital storm 

I help tourism-based operators create more impact and up reservation rates, through the power of social media.

Let me show you how...

Kirsty Dryburgh Social Bothy

Navigating the social platforms is a daunting task, leaving you feeling lost and confused. In this vast wilderness of online marketing, you might find yourself lonely and seeking shelter from the storm of uncertainty

But why trust your tourism business's social media presence to large agencies that don't solely focus on tourism and don't understand the unique dynamics of your local market?


I understand the unique challenges that businesses in the tourism industry face, i've grown up in it and experience it first hand for almost 2 decades

If you'd instead work with an experienced coach who's local and can meet with you face-to-face, then you're in the right place.

My social bothy is here to guide you through the social media landscape. No matter what stage your tourism business is at, I can offer coaching services, including digital strategy coaching, social media marketing coaching, account management coaching, and graphic design coaching.

In short, if it's social, the bothy is your trusted source for expert guidance!

Social Media Marketing

Services from the 



Social Media Management

You know your business needs to be out there. But it can be so overwhelming, right!? That’s where I come in. I’ll take the daily stress and struggle out of your social media management so you can focus on the business you love.


Enjoy more brand attention, attract new customers, and increase your sales with my all-inclusive social media management.

Who is this for?

Dedicated tourism operators with demanding schedules, aiming to enhance their impact and reservation rates while preserving their expertise, as I take charge of every aspect of your social media presence!

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of Tassie finest. 

1 : 1 Coaching
& Mentoring

Not quite prepared to entrust me with your social media management? Together let's focus on social media potential  through my personalised 1-1 coaching and mentoring sessions.  I will navigate you in crafting a compelling and genuine brand presence, formulating a content strategy that resonates with your audience, and harnessing Instagram's features to extend your reach.


Get ready to peak your Instagram game and achieve remarkable results.

 Who is this for?

If you're in search of expert guidance to structure your social media marketing, draw more clients and followers, and put an end to trial-and-error on social media, book in now.

6 Week
Master Class


Prepare for an exclusive masterclass tailored to tourism operators looking to boost their social media presence and business success.


Learn to optimise your social profiles, use direct messages for effective sales, and maximise your Instagram activity. Develop a compelling content strategy to connect with your ideal customers and foster loyalty. Gain insights on networking and sustaining your business during off-seasons in the tourism industry.


Discover the power of creative tools like Canva and CapCut to make your content engaging, and master the art of creating captivating reels. Unlock your tourism business's full social media potential with this masterclass.

Social Bothy sheltering your business from the digital storm

What is a 

social bothy?

A ‘bothy’ is a small, unassuming hut, often found deep in the remote Scottish wilderness, for anyone caught in the wild weather.


The humble bothy will shelter you from the storm, offer you some basic provisions, and give you refuge when you need it most.


Picture yourself being out amongst the unforgiving peaks of Tasmania, a heavy pack on your back and a storm brewing. Thankfully, you spot a ‘wee bothy’ in the distance. It offers an unspoken welcome, a simple home for a night or two.


Four walls and a roof to keep you warm and tucked away from the unpredictable Tasmanian weather. A place to lay your head and rest. Some food to fill your belly. And a fire to warm your aching feet.


Deep into the night, you become immersed in the ‘bothy book’, a handwritten rain-blotched book filled with stories of past journeys and encounters, just like yours. As the sun sets, maybe you enjoy the solitude or perhaps you share stories between others who also need the warmth and shelter of the bothy.


Just like a bothy, my social bothy is here to shelter you from the digital storm.


And I always have a door open to welcome you.


No matter what you’re up against, I’m here to help you with the digital essentials and guide you through each new step of your social media journey.

The face
behind the 


Kirsty Dryburgh Social Bothy

I'm Kirsty, aa seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience in the tourism industry and a Scottish-born graphic designer. For nearly a decade, I've been assisting business owners in achieving remarkable results with social media marketing.


It was only when I started my first design business that I realised first-hand the struggle of using social media as a marketing channel.


And, as the digital world expands, it’s only getting harder for businesses to stand out online.


But the good news is, you don’t have to rely on guesswork.


Or manage it alone.


My social bothy will shelter you from the digital media storm, ever-changing algorithms, and time-intensive marketing tasks.


Of course, it’s not all laptops and logins.


I also understand the juggle of running a business alongside parenthood and pets and finding time to spend in our backyard Tasmanian wilderness. That’s why I love helping other busy owners get those all-important social marketing tasks off your plate so you can spend more time doing what you do best.


If you need shelter from the social media storm, my door is always open.

Social Media Marketing, Tasmania

Who I've 

worked with

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